16 CFR 1630 地毯和垫子表面燃烧测试 -测试内容、周期及样品要求
AS 3744.2 软体家具易燃性明火燃烧测试 -测试内容、周期及样品要求
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AS 3744.1 软体家具易燃性阻燃测试 -测试内容、周期及样品要求

AS 3744.1 家具-软体家具易燃性评估-第1部分:火源-焖烧 Furniture – Assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture-Part 1 ignition source: smouldering cigarette.

AS 3744.1 适用范围

AS 3744.1 家具-软体家具易燃性评估-第1部分:火源-焖烧测试仅适用于应用于软垫家具的组合材料易燃性评估,而不是测试特定含有这些材料的成品家具的可燃性。

AS 3744.1 测试样品要求

① Cover Fabric or interliner: One piece of cover and interliner(if appropriate) respectively in the size of 650×800mm.

② Filling: one piece of filling with 450×300×75mm thick and One piece of filling with 450×150×75mm thick.